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Fallen Firefighters 2003

The patron Saint of Firefighters is, St. Florian Melinda J. Ohler ( ) Firefighter San Francisco Fire Department, California Last Alarm: January 13, 2003 Cause of Death: Head Injuries Thomas Joseph Snow ( ) Firefighter Holsenbeck Fire Department, GA Last Alarm: April, 29, 2003 Cause of Death: Brain Cancer Robert “Bob” Walsh (38) Captain/Firefighter Redwood … Read more

Darrell Curley

 Sgt. Darrell Curley E.O.W. 06-26-11
Sergeant Darrell Curley was shot and killed when he and another officer responded to a domestic disturbance in Kaibito, Arizona.

The dispute involved a fight between two brothers. Another officer who had responded to the scene was also shot and wounded. Sergeant Curley was transported to a hospital in Page, Arizona, where he succumbed to his wounds early the following morning.

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