Our Fallen Heroes – Navy

Fallen Heroes of the U.S. Navy SEALs
September 11, 2001 to Present In the days, months, and years following the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the United States, Navy SEALs have been called upon more so than ever to employ their unique set of skills in accomplishing our nation’s most dangerous and covert operations.

Seth Anthony Stone
NAVY Seth Anthony Stone
Date of death September 30, 2017
David M. Tapper
NAVY David M. Tapper
Date of death August 20, 2003
Michael Rex Tatham
NAVY Michael Rex Tatham
Date of death October 12, 2011
Michael Wesley Rodman
NAVY Michael Wesley Rodman
Date of death October 28, 2015
Robert J. Reeves
NAVY Robert J. Reeves
Date of death August 6, 2011
Heath M. Robinson
NAVY Heath M. Robinson
Date of death August 6, 2011
James E. Suh
NAVY James E. Suh
Date of death June 28, 2005
Adam O. Smith
NAVY Adam O. Smith
Date of death September 21, 2010
Collin T. Thomas
NAVY Collin T. Thomas
Date of death August 18, 2010
Eduardo Valadez
NAVY Eduardo Valadez
Date of death December 19, 2017
Kraig M. K. Vickers
NAVY Kraig M. K. Vickers
Date of death August 6, 2011
Nicholas P. Spehar
NAVY Nicholas P. Spehar
Date of death August 6, 2011
Chad Michael Wilkinson
NAVY Chad Michael Wilkinson
Date of death October 29, 2018
Tyrone S. Woods, Sr.
NAVY Tyrone S. Woods, Sr.
Date of death September 12, 2012
Thomas E. Retzer
NAVY Thomas E. Retzer
Date of death June 26, 2003
Jason R. Workman
NAVY Jason R. Workman
Date of death August 6, 2011
Luis A. Souffront
NAVY Luis A. Souffront
Date of death February 7, 2008
Jerry O. Pope, II
No Photo
Jerry O. Pope, II
Date of death October 17, 2002
Dion R. Roberts
NAVY Dion R. Roberts
Date of death September 24, 2012
Jeffrey S. Taylor
NAVY Jeffrey S. Taylor
Date of death June 28, 2005
Joseph C. Schwedler
NAVY Joseph C. Schwedler
Date of death April 6, 2007
Jeremy Wise
NAVY Jeremy Wise
Date of death December 30, 2009
Neil C. Roberts
NAVY Neil C. Roberts
Date of death March 4, 2002
Jesse Ervin Ready, Jr.
No Photo
Jesse Ervin Ready, Jr.
Date of death January 11, 2016
Job W. Price
NAVY Job W. Price
Date of death December 22, 2012
Michael J. Strange
NAVY Michael J. Strange
Date of death August 6, 2011
Tyler J. Trahan
NAVY Tyler J. Trahan
Date of death April 30, 2009
Jon T. Tumilson
NAVY Jon T. Tumilson
Date of death August 6, 2011
Caplen Weare
NAVY Caplen Weare
Date of death November 15, 2015
David J. Warsen
NAVY David J. Warsen
Date of death August 16, 2012
Mark Weiss
NAVY Mark Weiss
Date of death November 11, 2017
Steven A. Wilcox
NAVY Steven A. Wilcox
Date of death July 3, 2017
Thomas A. Ratzlaff
NAVY Thomas A. Ratzlaff
Date of death August 6, 2011

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